Abdominal liposuction : the ultimate guide you need to know

Abdominal liposuction is one of the most practical solutions that eliminate the problem of belly fat, which is one of the annoying and stubborn fats, which is also associated with many serious diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Abdominal liposuction comes on top of obesity surgeries that aim to get rid of the stubborn fat that accumulates in the waist and abdomen area, to restore to that area its attractive appearance and hide the rumen.

Abdominal liposuction  the ultimate guide you need to know

There is more than one way to burn belly fat, and of course, all people who suffer from it resort to it, but these normal methods are no longer as useful as before, and therefore they have no other choice but to perform liposuction. What is the process of liposuction of the abdomen? What are the benefits of liposuction, what are its risks, and what are the best clinics for liposuction, all this and more are in the following lines?

belly fat

Fat accumulates in more than one place in the body, in the chest, buttocks, and thighs, but belly fat is one of the problems that are difficult to solve, because it turns into sagging after a short period, and the rest of the fat found in different places in the body is easy to burn through healthy food and sports. Getting rid of belly fat is not easy, especially in some cases such as cesarean delivery or obesity. In these cases, we resort to liposuction, which guarantees every woman to dissolve belly fat and get rid of it permanently.

belly fat

Fat accumulates due to excess obesity, which sometimes results from eating greedily, and one’s craving for food may sometimes reach the stage of food addiction, and then the obese patient must resort to nutrition clinics to follow specific diets that help him get rid of those fats. You can now take a food addiction test to find out if you are a moderate eater or it is time to visit an obesity doctor to maintain your health and your life.

What is the process of liposuction of the abdomen?

It is a plastic surgery aimed at getting rid of excess fat in the abdominal area, which greatly affects the appearance of a woman, and makes her look fat with an inconsistent body. Correct by an experienced doctor.

Abdominal liposuction methods

With time, doctors began to discover new things and newer methods, and this process developed rapidly, and spread widely in the whole world, especially after the high rate of obesity. Recently, with the use of lasers to dissolve belly fat, there are several techniques for liposuction, whether It used to be surgery or laser liposuction, but laser liposuction is becoming more popular due to its excellent results and the simplicity of its procedure.

Abdominal and waist liposuction is performed under the influence of anesthesia, whether total or local, the doctor is the one who determines the appropriate anesthesia for your case and the used technique. There has been a great development in medical devices, and plastic surgeons began searching for new ways to remove belly fat, other than exercise and healthy food because some people’s bodies do not respond to these traditional methods.

Before liposuction

Does everyone who suffers from tummy fat have to resort to tummy tuck surgery to get rid of this fat? Of course, not, some people should not do this operation, as some conditions must be met by the person who can perform this operation.

1. The person who undergoes tummy tuck liposuction must be of normal weight and have an increase in weight that does not exceed 30% of his normal weight.

2. Belly fat should not respond to any healthy diet or exercise

3. The need to be in good health and not suffer from any serious or chronic diseases, because the good psychological plays a major role in the success of this type of operation, so the person must not suffer from any mental illness, especially depression

4. The skin must be flexible and in good condition so that it is easy to deal with, so it is preferable to perform this operation at an advanced age, after the age of 18, because after that the skin is not elastic.

Abdominal liposuction method

Abdominal liposuction is performed by placing the person under general or local anesthesia, according to the time of the operation and the amount of fat to be removed

1. The plastic surgeon makes a small incision in the skin and a “cannula” is inserted through it
2. It is a plastic tube for the removal and introduction of fluids to and from the body
3. It is moved forward and backward to remove the fat and a surgical suction is connected with the cannula to suck the fat out of the body.
4. The procedure takes one to two hours, depending on the amount of fat
5. The person leaves the hospital on the same day after he is relieved of the anesthesia and the plastic surgeon gives him the instructions to follow

The following video explains the steps of liposuction surgery

Abdominal liposuction cost

There is no specific price for the operation to remove belly fat, the cost varies from one doctor to another, and from one center to another, as it is determined according to the percentage of fat accumulated in the abdomen, but we can offer a similar price for the operation in more than one country, prices differ in each country based on several factors, including The doctor’s reputation and years of experience, whether the choice of liposuction is surgical, laser, or vaser, and other factors that affect the cost of the operation.

The average price of liposuction :

  • Abdominal liposuction in the UAE, it reaches 7000 dollars
  • The cost in Qatar is up to 3000 dollars
  • The cost of liposuction in England is up to 5000 dollars
  • Abdominal liposuction in Turkey is about 2600 dollars
  • The cost of liposuction in the United States of America is about 3,500 dollars
  • Abdominal liposuction in England is up to 4000 dollars
  • The cost in France is up to 4000 dollars
  • Germany is the most expensive country for this type of operation, with prices starting from $10,000 up to $17,000.

As we mentioned before, these prices are neither fixed nor specific, but they will not increase much, except in the case of dealing with the world’s top plastic surgeons, with whom the cost of the operation reaches thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the rate of such operations is about 3,500 dollars

Tips before liposuction of the abdomen and waist

On the morning of the operation, bring comfortable shoes and loose clothes with you, and take a warm bath so that you feel calm and relaxed, and do not use any moisturizing creams, whether for the face or body, especially the abdominal area. about her

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol, as smoking negatively affects the person in general, and the people who will undergo the operation to remove belly fat in particular,
  • It is also necessary to refrain from taking some medicines such as aspirin, and medicines that contain vitamin E.
  • A comprehensive examination of the body must be performed one week before the operation to ensure the integrity of the heart, lung and blood vessels
  • To ensure that the person does not suffer from anemia or “anemia”
  • On the day immediately before the operation, you must refrain from eating or drinking, and this is what the doctor will determine.

After liposuction

Some side effects appeared on the person who had liposuction, and these side effects do not pose any danger to the person’s health, they disappear after a long or short period of the operation, and the most important symptoms are:

  • defective bruise

It appears in people who take medicines containing vitamin E or aspirin, as well as people who tend to bleed.

  • numbness

Where the person loses sensation in the abdominal area, which is often a temporary condition that fades over time, and temporary irritation of the nerve may occur.

  • Inflammation and swelling

Swelling often occurs in the abdominal area and remains present for 6 months from the operation, so that it does not pose any danger to the person, and minor bruises appear that disappear after one week of the operation.

  • Skin surface irregularity

Mostly it happens temporarily, but in some cases it is permanent, and this is due to the nature of the skin, as the elastic skin quickly returns to what it was, and thick skin returns, but after a period of time.

  • Blood-laden fluids coming out of the suction holes

This does not pose any danger, and it can continue for a week after liposuction.

The results of tummy liposuction are final and continuous and they must be maintained by maintaining an ideal weight and exercising regularly, in addition to the improved body shape that appears after the swelling disappears and water retention in the body, which is a side effect after the operation, the more age the more the body loses Its flexibility, but most of the results are permanent, and although the success rates of the operation are high, there is no guarantee that the best results will be achieved from one operation, so sometimes another surgery is required.

Are the results of liposuction permanent?

Abdominal liposuction gets rid of all the accumulated fat permanently, but you can gain some extra weight gain in the form of excess fat in other parts of your body, so you should maintain your diet by eating more vegetables, fruits, protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and exercising Continuous sports, or at least daily walking.

Abdominal liposuction risks

These risks rarely occur, but this does not mean that we should consider them when applying for tummy liposuction, and when choosing a plastic surgeon.

Abdominal anomalies

  • A serious symptom that indicates the failure of the operation
  • It appears in people who have weak skin elasticity or have an unusual treatment
  • This results in the skin appearing shriveled, bumpy, or wavy
  • Also, the technique used by the plastic surgeon in the liposuction process, may cause damage to the skin, making it look dotted
  • There is a possibility of seromas forming under the skin, and these tumors need to be removed so as not to harm the body.
  • infections

In a few cases, skin infections occur on the abdomen after surgery, and in this case, these infections need to be treated surgically, with the possibility of leaving a scar that affects the shape of the skin, which makes the person feel uncomfortable because he got rid of belly fat and another problem appeared, which is the scar.

  • Heart attacks and kidney problems

A defect may occur during the operation, as changes occur in the level of fluids in the body during the injection or sucking of the fluid, and thus the person experiences a sudden heart attack or stops the work of the kidneys, and here the person may die immediately.

  • pulmonary embolus

If the plastic surgeon is not skilled and skilled, the fat may enter the blood vessels and move to the lungs and block them, and thus the person feels difficulty in breathing, and his life may end due to this error, and what is called “pulmonary edema” may occur, which is the result of injecting fluids into the body and accumulating in the lungs;

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Liposuction side effects

At times, the surgeon is skilled in his work, and the operation is performed with great success, but the person does not feel the results that he expected and begins to ask himself a lot of questions until he finds the error that caused it, most people do not realize that the recovery period is one of the most important stages that determine the success or failure of the operation, as there are some instructions that a person must follow for the operation to succeed completely, and some may think that as soon as he leaves the operating room, he will get rid of belly fat, but this belief is incorrect, the person must take care of his health Significantly during the recovery period, and the doctor must tell him about all the contraindications that he must avoid and all the things he must do, for example

1. There will be swelling and bruising in the abdominal area during the first and second week of the operation, so you must wear special clothes
2. This garment helps in the retraction of the skin to its new position, compresses the abdomen to reduce swelling, and to supports the abdomen during the healing period.
3. On the second day of the operation, doctors advise to move a little and start roaming inside the house only
4. The activity must also be increased gradually for two weeks, and in the third week, it is possible to return to normal life and resume full activity.
5. As for people whose work does not require much movement, that is, they start their work from inside the office, they can return to work within only one week.
6. About 10 days after the operation, the doctor will remove the surgical stitches, and here the person will notice the immediate results of the operation. The result appears immediately after the operation, and after the stitches are removed, it appears more clearly.

Benefits of liposuction of the abdomen

Benefits of liposuction of the abdomen

Doctors resort to this operation to get rid of fat, and the patient does not need to undergo general anesthesia, the patient can practice his normal life after a short period of the operation

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